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It was a life changing moment when Fabian first encountered the sound of a handpan. He came out of a hospital. Since his  early childhood he was almost deaf on his right ear and just had an operation that fixed it. The first instrument he listened to with two ears was a handpan.

"Music was somewhat annoying for me, I tried to avoid places with many different sounds and music as it confused me. The moment I heard that instument in the park I was stunned. Amazed by the sound and the fact that I enjoyed it so much. That moment brought me to music, a life change. "

In 2009 he got to know a handpan and there also roots of the wish to spread this sound throughout the world.


" I was fascinated by the warmth and beauty of the sound. It made me so happy, relaxed and it deeply touched something deep inside me.

Warm, subtle, sensitive, beautiful sound were attributes for metal contradictory to my experience. Working as a mechanic, I knew steel be a hard, cold and difficult to work with material.

This fascination for the material and my passion to create all kinds of things with my own hands lead me to start the long journey  to learn how to sculpture steel and thereby  awaken the sublte voice within. "

Fabian was lucky to get a Hang in these Times, since these Instruments were very rare . Following his Dream to Cycle from Germany to India the Hang was  accompanien him for thousands of Kilometer  on the rack of his bicycle.  For Over 2 years his fascination grew more and more.  When he came back he startetd immediately to sculpture Steel to  find out how to bring steel to Sing. It was a very long journey. A lot of failurs and setbacks , years of research and  millions of hammerblows on metal lead him to create the SubtleSounds Handpan.

About Fabian

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