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  • How to purchase a SubtleSounds?
    The first step towards your own handpan is to contact me. More Information to acquire a SubtleSounds you can find here: Acquire an SubtleSounds Sometime there are Instuments directly available here: Available Now
  • How much is a SubtleSounds handpan?
    If you Order an Instrument o nthe Available Now Site, the Price will be listed. You can Order also a Custom Instrument. The process of making a handpan is complex and strongly differs depending on the scale. I can give you a final price as soon as we spoke about details. It depends on how many note and what kind of scale you wish to have. From time to time there will be direct purchases available! They may vary in the price slightly.
  • How long does it take to get a SubtleSounds handpan?
    A SubtleSounds handpan is a handmade instrument requiring a lot of work. Many different working processes and steps are needed to finisch one insturment. It is realistic to expect to wait 3-6 months until you have customized instrument in your hands. Ultimately it also depends on the demand, thus the instruments that are currently made before yours is being sculptured. For a more precise date please contact
  • How is a SubtleSounds instrument shipped?
    I recommand to collect your Instument in Person and also prefere it. Handpans are Instrument of delicate Nature.However, postage can be arranged Worldwide. Though shipping is possible, it needs some arrangements. If it will be shipped within Germany, the instrument can be shipped in a customprepared and enforced cartonbox. If it needs to be shipped further away, It is necessary to buy a Hardcase Technologie Evatek Case for 150€ . It is a good backpack and a safe transportation option in your daily life in order to have your Instument always with you and well Proteckted due Shipment.
  • Can I request a customized scale with a set of notes I wish?
    Definately! And please do so! We can speak about possiblities. It is possible to arrange up to 20 notes on top and bottom.
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