SubtleSounds Handpan

The SubtleSounds handpan is a musical instument build by Fabian Pieters in Halle (Saale), Germany.

It is played with the hands and both suitable for professional musicians and entirely unexperienced musicians as Fabian was. Playing a handpan is very intuitive and skills evolve quickly. 

One can compose songs, use it for music therapie, meditation or just to have fun.

Every SubtleSounds handpan is a unique piece of steel. Ten thousands hammerblows touched the metal by the hammer in Fabians hand. It's a sculpturing process and threrefore every instument is unique.

To create such beautiful sounds it needs a wide understanding of the characteristics of metal and a fine sense to control the comprassion inside the steel in order to get the steel to sing a subtle sound.

Every SubtleSounds handpan is deepdrawn or hydroformed. It has an diameter of 55cm and is nitrited. Nitriding gives the steel a warmer sound and a grade of rust protection.


Different scales are available and it is possoble to get customized scales as well.





Fabian Pieters


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