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SubtleSounds Handpan

The SubtleSounds handpan is a musical instument build by Fabian Pieters in Halle (Saale), Germany since 2014.

It is played with the hands and both suitable for professional musicians and entirely unexperienced musicians as Fabian was. Playing a handpan is very intuitive and skills evolve quickly. 

One can compose songs, use it for music therapie, meditation or just to have fun.

Every SubtleSounds handpan is a unique piece of steel. Ten thousands hammerblows touched the metal by the hammer in Fabians hand. It's a sculpturing process and threrefore every instument is unique.

To create such beautiful sounds it needs a wide understanding of the characteristics of metal and a fine sense to control the comprassion inside the steel in order to get the steel to sing a subtle sound.

Every SubtleSounds handpan is deepdrawn or hydroformed. Most of my instruments are build from Embersteel and other Stainless Steel Alloys. I used to build more in nitrited Steel but found more and more my favoured Sound and timber with Stainless Steels. I do like Insturments with a long but balanced Sustain to make meditative Playing and more energetic playing possible.

Since 2019 i focus more and more on very Low Frequenzies. Low Notes are  not very common on Handpans since very challaging to build on a Handpan and it takes alot more time skill to build.  I am very confident with Instrument Low as D2 but also experimenting already with even lower Freuqenzies. 


Different scales are available and it is possible to get customized scales as well. Feel very welcome to contact me with Qestions.



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